Active Listening Test

Read the statements below and choose the answer that best represents active listening.

1.Every day brings new problems. You solve one, and the next one already appears. Where’s the point here?
2.At our meeting today, I counted on your support. And you just sat there and didn’t speak once.
3.According to the timesheet, I have a trip again on Friday. This is the third wasted weekend in a row.
4.It seems that others always get easy tasks. Why am I still getting the hard ones?
5.When I started working at this company I thought there would be a lot of opportunities to change jobs for the better. And what, after four years, I’m still doing the same thing.
6.It’s the same every day. Every child can do it.
7.I really appreciate this promotion. I just hope I can do this job
8.I am tired. This last sale finished me off. I don’t feel like meeting the next customer.