Work-life balance

Research proves that work-life balance is one of the conditions for maintaining health, well-being and satisfaction with life and work. In turn, the imbalance between the two spheres can lead to frustration, burnout and even to a significant deterioration in health due to overload with duties and the effects of chronic stress. The following test will show you how well you manage to maintain this balance in your daily life. From the feedback you will receive after completing the test, you will also find out which areas of your working life make it easier for you and which hinder your work-life balance. You will also find suggestions on what you can do to improve the situation and thus increase the comfort of your life. When answering questions, assess your current situation realistically and honestly. Try to give quick answers without thinking too long. Only then will the obtained results and conclusions be valuable to you. Good luck!


1.I regularly work longer hours than my job requires
2.My workload is manageable and I have a good balance in my life between work and other things.
3.I often choose to take on extra work, though sometimes this leads to problems in balancing my life.
4.I am regularly asked to work over and above the hours I might be expected in my job description.
5.I sometimes find it difficult to fit in everything that I have to do in my job and in my home life.
6.I regularly choose to take on extra work, though sometimes I find it hard to fit with the rest of my life.
7.I regularly feel overloaded by my work and feel anxious, stressed or down.
8.In my job I often have a sense of full involvement, engagement and intensity in my work.
9.In my work life I regularly feel unable to meet the challenge of the job and feel worried and anxious.
10.I have a strong sense of having the skills, abilities and motivation to do the job I am in.
11.I often feel bored and apathetic at work, and feel that my skills would be better suited elsewhere.
12.I usually enjoy my work but often feel knocked off course by unfavourable circumstances.
13.I often feel demotivated in my work and the effort to overcome challenges just feels too much.
14.I have clear goals in my work and meeting these gives me good regular feedback.
15.The job I am doing seems to fit my skills and personality pretty well.
16.I have a good understanding of my strengths and feel I can adjust my work to fit these.
17.I seem to have the ability to keep my life in a good balance, even when its busy at work.
18.I generally have enjoyed my work in the past, but now have a sense that I need to develop some new skills to meet new demands.
19.At this time in my life, my job seems to fit me really well and gives me a good sense of wellbeing.
20.My relationships stay good and positive, even when I feel under pressure or when there are problems at work or in life
21.I sometimes think that my high workload is behind all my problems i experience in my life.