Maslach Burnout Inventory

Below, there are 22 statements concerning your attitude towards your job. Please specify next to each statement, how often the condition described in the statement happens to you. Select 0 – if the situation has never happened before, and 6 – if it happens every day. The remaining digits indicate intermediate frequencies.

1.My work makes me feel exhausted.
2.I feel like I’m treating some of my clients as if they were objects.
3.I can easily understand what my customers/employees think about specific topics.
4.I feel used out at the end of the working day.
5.I’ve become more callous to people since I took this job.
6.I manage to effectively satisfy the needs of my clients.
7.When I get up in the morning, I feel fatigued when I have to face another day on the job.
8.I’m afraid that my work makes me less compassionate.
9.I have the impression that through my work I have a positive influence on people.
10.I’m very tired of working with people all day long.
11.In fact, I am not interested in what will happen to my clients / employees.
12.I feel energetic.
13.My work makes me feel exhausted.
14.I have the impression that some customers/employees think that I am responsible for all their problems.
15.I can easily create a relaxed atmosphere.
16.My work makes me feel frustrated.
17.I feel kicking when I work closely with my employees / customers.
18.I feel like I’m working too hard.
19.In my work, I have achieved many significant goals.
20.I am too stressed by working in direct contact with people.
21.In my work, I treat emotional problems very calmly.
22.I have the impression that I have achieved a lot in my work.