Mental Health Test

Mental health is more than no illness …

This test will help you find out what health resources you have and what to strive for to be mentally healthier. Have your say at each of the following points as follows: YES, NO, IT IS DIFFERENT

Mental health is a condition, not a trait, people get sick at some point in their lives and then recover. It is impossible to be healthy once and for all, we must take care of our mental (and physical) health. This means that if there are problems today, they may pass away in a while. However, if it takes a long time, it is not called natural reaction to stress, e.g. mourning, illness in the family, then go for help. Remember that help is provided by professionals; look for one that will win your trust. If this is not the case, talk to him about it and change the therapist. A specialist will probably also advise you, because each of us is different and needs someone (something) different in their personal situation. To each of us.


The questions may sometimes seem unrelated to health, but they present features present in people which, through various psychological theories, set the model for maturity and health. The more you answer yes, the more health you have. The most important is the top five questions that healthy people will definitely answer 'yes’. If you disagree with any of these statements, you probably suffer.

1.I consider myself a good man
2.When obstacles and stress appear, I treat it as a challenge, it mobilizes me to act
3.I do not suffer from depressive states, anxiety, obsessions, addictions and other chronic states of severe discomfort
4.I feel love (e.g. for my spouse, children, parents, siblings and other people)
5.I like working, although I’m not a workaholic.
6.There is order and cleanliness in my home
7.I like new situations, I don’t avoid them
8.For years I have known people whom I treat as friends and call them in my thoughts.
9.I consider myself a happy person
10.I laugh a lot
11.I have a passion, hobby, „something turns me on” which I do not only for money or to pass time.
12.I like loneliness, but I also like company
13.Contacts with friends give me a sense of satisfaction, they do not bore me
14.I have a sense of humor.
15.I rarely have illnesses (colds, flu, aches, etc.). I am rather physically healthy.
16.I am a rather punctual person.
17.Morality is important to me, I don’t hurt others
18.I think I am just as valuable as other people.
19.I believe that everyone has the right to be who they are, people are not better or worse because of, for example, their religion, sexual orientation, race, wealth, health problems – both mental and physical, etc.
20.I fulfill my sexual needs in a socially acceptable way, without hurting someone’s dignity.
21.I think the future will be fine.
22.I am interested in social life or I participate in some kind of social activity / activity.
23.There are often exceptionally happy times in my life when I feel that „I am in my place” and that I can’t be happier anymore.