Finding yourself in changes

The modern world, even without a coronavirus pandemic, is extremely variable both professionally and personally. We go through many smaller and larger changes throughout our lives. Similarly, at work, we change not only the workplace, but also the tasks and content of the work change. We are in the middle of an unexpected change, a change that changes the way we work, education and life. At the same time, the changes we are witnessing require us to do much more than just adapt to them, they require knowledge how to reduce stress, how to introduce more peace every day, how to strengthen our immunity.

Why is it worth taking part

  • You will learn the best practices of personal preparation for change
  • You will learn your own resistance to change
  • You will check which tactics of dealing with changes is best for you


  • What are changes at work and in life
  • Test – how much stress changes me
  • 12 inspirations to develop their own resilience, resistance in a situation of change
  • A fragment of the film – what determines my immunity


01 lip 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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  • Beata Gralińska
    Beata Gralińska

    Psycholog i trener grup szkoleniowych z 25 letnim doświadczeniem. W roku 2004 założyła firmę Coaching Way, by rozwijać kompetencje zawodowe klientów (rozwój horyzontalny). Wspiera ich działania zespołowe i życie osobiste w coachingu indywidualnym, na warsztatach i treningach grupowych.